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Zambia is world renowned for walking safaris. Its excellent game parks such as South Luangwa & Lower Zambezi are gems of African safari.

An unexpected visitor at tea time!

The game parks in Zambia are not yet in the limelight of the safari industry. As a result, in Zambia, you can get an outstanding safari experience without the rush of the more popular destinations. The quality of guiding is one of the best and the game is prolific.

The best park to visit here is the South Luangwa National Park. It is part of the Luangwa valley and the park is situated on the western banks of the Luangwa River. The Luangwa valley with its fertile alluvial plain and riverine area has prolific wildlife with the highest concentration of leopards in all of Africa. In fact the Luangwa valley is known as the "valley of the leopards". Game viewing during the dry season is outstanding and safari here is intense and earthy and the level of guiding is probably the best in Africa.

The North Luangwa National Park has only two camps and is exclusively an authentic walking safari destination. You are taken close-up to elephant, lion, buffalo and you may be lucky to stumble onto a leopard along the way! There is no vehicular safari here. For the truly adventurous, it is an ideal combination with the South Luangwa. In fact, the South Luangwa also offers genuine walking safari.

The Lower Zambezi Valley is a huge rift in the earth's crust through which the mighty Zambezi flows. Over millennia, mineral-rich volcanic soils deposited by the Zambezi have nurtured lush vegetation. The landscape is beautiful and game congregates along the river attracted by the mineral-rich soil. Game viewing in the lower Zambezi National Park is excellent and viewed by vehicle and also by motorboat. It is renowned for its motorboat safari.

An excellent safari to Zambia combines the two best parks-the South Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi.


The master of stealth protecting his meal!

The game in the Luangwa valley is well concentrated along the Luangwa River with huge herds of elephant and buffalo and several antelope species. Certain species are endemic to the area such as Thornicrofts giraffe, Cooksons wildebeest, and Crawshays zebra. It is also known for its prides of lions and of course is one of the best places in Africa to see the leopard. Wild dog have made a successful comeback in this area.

Cheetahs are well observed in the Busanga plains in the Kafue National Park, which is a good park to visit during the dry season in combination with the Luangwa valley.

Advantages of safari in Zambia

  • Zambia is the best place in Africa for walking safaris where you can walk up close to lion or elephant. A real adrenaline rush!
  • Excellent guiding since all guides have to first pass an exam before they get a guiding license
  • Very private camps, which are mostly owner run. The owners themselves live in the camp and are involved in the running of the camp as well as guiding
  • Off roading and night driving gives you a great opportunity to see the big game and rare nocturnal animals
  • Excellent and often multiple sightings of leopard

Victoria Falls

An authentic walking safari in the Luangwa Valley using our extensive local knowledge & expertise

Visiting Livingstone, Zambia, you can have the opportunity of witnessing the magical Victoria Falls and the mighty Zambezi River. This combines very well with a safari in Zambia, Botswana and even South Africa.


The best park to visit here is the South Luangwa National Park. It is part of the Luangwa valley and the park is situated on the western banks of the Luangwa River

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