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Namiri Plains Camp is the only camp in the Soit Le Motonyi area of the Serengeti... an exclusive camp in big cat country!

Soit Le Motonyi, Serengeti

Namiri in Swahili is "big cat" and this is truly big cat country. Namiri Plains is located in the Soit Le Motonyi area east of Seronera in the Central Serengeti where the southern short grass plains meet the acacia woodland. The underground Ngare Nanyuki river creates pockets of permanent water that attract an abundance of wildlife all year around.

It is the most unique landscape in all of Africa, the vast treeless, short-grass plains of the Serengeti, studded with the finest of granite outcrops, the kopjes of Gol, Sametu and Barafu.

The Soit Le Motonyi area was closed to visitors for 20 years to conduct cheetah research and conservation. Now Namiri Plains Camp, of the renowned Asilia group, is the only camp in this magical area.

Soit Le Motonyi has the probably the highest density of cheetah in Serengeti comparable to the Ndutu area. It is truly big cat country with strong concentration of lion, cheetah, and the elusive leopard. There are also good sightings of the smaller cats such as serval, caracal, African wildcat, etc.

The wildebeest and zebra flood the area between November and January on their way to the southern Serengeti/Ndutu. During this time, Namiri Plains is the center stage for dramatic action as the big cats have a veritable feast with the sheer abundance of prey!

At other times, it is your private Eden where you can experience some great big cat sightings or simply enjoy the beautiful Serengeti landscape sipping your sundowner atop the Soit Le Motonyi rock.

Namiri Plains is a luxury camp with lovely accommodation, excellent cuisine and fabulous game viewing. The guests at Namiri Plains have the privilege of enjoying an exclusive safari in their private paradise! The nearest camps are one hour away!

One of the first guests to visit the camp shares his experience….” That afternoon, a sinuous golden shape – a cheetah – slid out of the plains. We drove parallel to it for about 15 minutes, watching it prowl through the grasses, alert to every sound. When it finally disappeared from sight, we let out a collective breath. This was clearly big cat country, and we had just spent a quarter of an hour with one of its star residents. And other than the cheetah, there wasn’t another soul in sight!”

Safari Africa invites you to experience a private and exclusive big cat safari at Namiri Plains!


The underground Ngare Nanyuki river creates pockets of permanent water that attract an abundance of wildlife all year around.

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