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At Safari Africa, we create an exclusive & luxurious safari experience to enable you to witness the drama of the African wilderness unfold before your eyes.

Safari Africa welcomes you to experience a rare and unique combination: Africa's most iconic locations complemented by a level of exceptional hospitality, seldom found anywhere else on earth.

For an experience, which is truly moving and exhilarating, profound and mystical, our exclusive, customized safari to the wondrous part of the world, which is Africa will prove to be an adventure of a lifetime.

The soul of Africa is calling... there is magic unfolding deep in the heart of the bush... experience a luxury safari holiday in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe or Zanzibar.

We work with private reserves where the safari experience, understated luxury of the camps, gourmet meals, and the infectious enthusiasm and expertise of the guides are unparalleled.

You will return having experienced an enchanting piece of paradise.

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